Von Engel
Bernese Mountain Dogs
Von Engel
Bernese Mountain Dogs
This page was last updated: February 5, 2009
Champion Von Engel's  Mak-n the Right Moves
OFA excellent, elbows clear. CERF, vWD clear. Flirt is another special Drizzle daughter from Drizzle's second litter. Once again, the wonderful orthopedics come through! Flirt's clearances have duplicated her five half sisters from Drizzle's first litter. Flirt lives up to her name and is a true "Flirt". She is  on the lower side of the breed standard in size, but a head above in the temperment department. Flirt is one of Kasey's favorite dogs to show in Juniors because Flirt is so eager to please. Flirt finished her championship this year. She earned 3 majors easily from the puppy class and her last 3 single points were earned from the Bred- By Class a year later. She took time off to shed her puppy coat and grow her beautiful adult coat.
We lost Flirt in March of 2008. She was euthanized due to Histio.

This page was last updated: February 5, 2009
March 21st, 2008~
Today I lost a very sweet, sweet natured berner girl that was always so
eager to please in what ever she did.
Kasey lost a special friend.

Flirt was always there with a wag and a wiggle and was quick to chase any
and all balls that Kasey was willing to throw.. she never brought them back and
usually they ended up farther away than when they started. It was a fun game
for them.

In January, Kasey showed Flirt in a fun Match in Juniors and I noticed she
looked a bit thin. I increased her food that day and still she didn't put
weight on..

To make a long story short, she quit eating about 10 days ago except for a
few bites here and there. Blood work was all normal but a mass was detected
where her liver should have been. The mass was encasing her liver and pressing
against her stomach and was not allowing Flirt to eat.
She became weaker each day but still to this morning she still walked after
balls in the yard.

Kasey made her peace with losing her, and this afternoon she crossed the
Rainbow Bridge to join her mother Drizzle.

Kasey plays softball on the High School softball team. This afternoon about
an hour after Flirt crossed the bridge. Kasey hit her first over the fence
home run.
She has played softball for many years and has hit the fence many times, but
never managed to get it over the fence. Today the ball sailed over the
center field fence with room to spare.

She is convinced that it was Flirt chasing that ball just a little bit
further just one more time..