Von Engel
Bernese Mountain Dogs
Von Engel
Bernese Mountain Dogs
This page was last updated: February 9, 2006
Champion MVP's Islamorada
Pepper was my first Berner. She came to us when she was a year and a half old.
from my father-in-law, Mickey Von Engel. He owned and was breeding Bernese prior to his decision to retire from showing dogs.
I had been interested in the breed for awhile, and once Pepper came to live with us, I was hooked.
Pepper was OFA good, but did not pass her elbows. I didn't know enough at the time to make an educated decision on breeding her. I turned to my vet and the OFA and ultimately decided to breed her.
Pepper produced 3 litters, totaling 11 puppies. 3 finished their Championships: CH Sajan's Andre Von Engel, CH Von Engel's Biscayne Bay & CH Von Engel's Coral Key, who herself is a BMDCA Top producer of Champions.
Pepper had one of the best fronts I have seen to date in this breed and I strive to re-produce that in each breeding I do.
Pepper was my first Berner, my first champion, dam to my first home bred champion and the catalyst to move me forward in this breed.
We lost Pepper just short of her 9th birthday to lymphoma.